Mason has been having a rough time recently. He is currently in the hospital for another bout of pneumonia. Sadly, and this is a terrible thing to say, we (the webmasters) have lost count of which bout this is. It’s over 40 at this point and continues to climb. This particular bout is even tougher than normal because there appears to be some severe stomach issues going on. Mason normally does not vomit out of his mouth due to the tube connected to his stomach, but this time has been different, which leads to more unanswered questions. Elaine described him as literally turning gray at one point. He is currently dealing with a fever of 102 degrees and has been placed on oxygen. A very scary situation indeed.

Mason was already in the hospital earlier this month due to an enlarged liver. Although the doctors were unable to determine the exact cause of this, they did find that his enzyme levels were normal. which is a good thing. He was able to go home with prescriptions for medicine and bedrest. On the bright side, Mason was able to spend his 9th birthday in the comfort of his own home!

The Roberts family also dealt with a difficult loss in August, as a member of Dave’s family passed away. This was Mason’s grandfather figure. When Mason wanted to say goodbye, Elaine explained that Mason’s buddy was on life support and had quite a bit of equipment hooked up to him. She questioned whether Mason would want to see him like that. Mason simply said that it’s nothing that he hasn’t dealt with himself in the past. He’s a tough little guy and has a big heart.

We’re going to try to keep updating the blog more often, but you can always find us on Facebook and Twitter as well. In the meantime, check out our How to Help page and find out what you can do to support the Roberts family. No matter whether it’s money, time, or a letter to Ellen, anything you contribute is a step forward.

Keep praying for Mason to come home. God Bless.

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