Mom and Dad

Elaine and Dave Roberts went to the same high school, met in 9th grade, and have been together ever since. Twenty-three years, to be exact. Elaine calls Dave her lobster because once a lobster mates, they stay together forever.

Their life was going really well until Mason was born at full term. There were no signs of trouble during the pregnancy, but their lives changes in more way then they could have imagined.  Since then, Elaine needed to quit her job to care for Mason and Dave has worked insane hours to make ends meet. Read more about their financial struggles.

Now it feels like days, if not weeks go by without Dave and Elaine getting to see each other. On Dave’s weekly day off he makes a point to spend time with the family, but its not like they can get away for a date night. However, no matter how hard things have gotten, they have remained strong and stood by each other’s sides.

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