Slowly Progressing, Huge News


Mason’s follow up with a neurologist for the seizures and lumber puncture was today. He is improving everyday and thinks he might be walker free by the new year! So far he can go short distances, just not for long periods of time. Mason’s muscles get stronger everyday.

Even better, Mason’s complex seizures were caused by sickness and shouldn’t happen again.

Fever & Bladder

Mason was running a fever of 103 earlier today. It appears he has a virus, but his lungs are looking good so far. They are following up on the bladder issues tomorrow.

FANTASTIC NEWS: Santa Came Early

The growth hormone assistance program accepted Mason! His treatments are covered 100% through June. Mason’s growth is been a huge concern and this certainly lowers that stress.┬áThis is particularly a huge relief for the family since these cost nearly $10,000 per month.

Thank You

Elaine would like to remind everyone how appreciative the family is for all your prayers and messages. She doesn’t know where she would be without your support and comfort. You all mean a lot to her and the family.

In light of the events of the past week, Elaine is particularly thankful to have Mason in her life. She feels blessed to have a sick child and knows Mason is special.

God Bless You All

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and HEALTHY New Year.

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