How to Reach Ellen

Since Mason’s health condition does not have a label no one will help. Since his health condition does not have a ‘name’ he can not receive any extra support or help from any organizations, foundations or associations like the American Heart Association or National MS Society. This is so wrong, this child is sick and needs help!!

Here is where you come in…

We found a spot on Ellen DeGeneres’ website where you can email her your story. Katie MacFarland thought, why not email her about Mason and his family in hopes that she will read it and want to help. So she did. However, she is 1 person out of thousands of people that email her show and we doubt my 1 email will make an impact. So we’re asking you to PLEASE email Ellen! You can pull content from this site or write your own if you know the family: (If you’d like to be forwarded content to submit – email

You will need to fill out the top part of the page with your information and put a story in the box provided. Also, spread the word to your friends and family. The more emails we send the better chance we have that Ellen and her show will listen and help! Thank you for all your help, hopefully some good will come of this. If nothing else, check out this website and find out about the many other ways you can help him and his family. Thanks again!!

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Overview Video

We just uploaded a video describing this heart-breaking situation. Take a look on our YouTube page and share with your friends:

Or you can watch the video on YouTube.

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We finally got a website up! Still working on tweaking the formatting and getting online donations finalized, but at least it’s up. In the meantime, let us know if there is something you’d like to know more about. Blogs are new to us, so topic ideas are greatly appreciated!

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