Not Going Home Yet

Mason will NOT be coming home tomorrow. The physical therapist is not comfortable with his ability to walk.

There is talk of him going to a rehab facility – but that is not acceptable to Elaine and Dave. They now have to prove their ability to handle him at home. He can’t do steps and must use his wheelchair. He will have to sleep in the living room with supervision. A walker was ordered today.

It is heart wrenching for the family to see him like this. We are all praying no permanent damage comes from it. Please keep praying for Mason and his family. Everyone just wants to go home!

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Struggles and Signs of Hope

Mason continues to endure more than many of us could ever imagine. He had to spend his halloween in the hospital and miss out on trick-or-treating.

Mason as Harry Potter on Halloween. Trying his best to participate in the Hospital’s activities.

His lungs were once again slightly collapsed and he developed a cold. To ease back pain, he needed a walker and will go through physical therapy after he leaves the hospital.

He endured a caffeine treatment equal to 10 cups of coffee. He suffered four nosebleeds in one day. He watches friends and family come and go from the hospital – while he has to stay and endure painful treatments and unanswered prayers. It’s been almost four weeks in the hospital out of the past month and a half.

Schools is out of the question till Spring. The risk of infection is too high. His tutor, Jamie, will take over full-time.

His surgery was postponed again, as he is too unstable to enter the operating room.

Signs of Hope

But through it all, he is more positive than any of us could imagine. And now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Mason’s lungs are improving. He might be able to leave the hospital on Wednesday.

He was also chosen to represent the Starlight Foundation. His video will be featured at their Gala in D.C.

What now?

The family is emotionally and physically drained. Everything gets pushed aside when Mason is in the hospital. Life is on hold and prayers for answers continue unanswered.

Mason and his family need your help. Whatever you can manage will help- calls of encouragement, a warm meal, monetary donations, and most of all prayers.

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Today was a rollar coaster ride. Elaine tried to take him downstairs for the hospital’s Halloween activities and after about 20 min he got very sick. His head was hurting so bad by the time we got him upstairs, he started throwing up again and needed oxygen. The doctors even did an xray to rule out a partial collapse.

He is doing better tonight, but has to lay flat to keep the pain down. He was even too sick to Trick-or-Treat in the hospital. Madison joined Elaine in collecting on his behalf. It wasn’t the same without him, but everyone was very kind. They filled a bag with his picture on it.

Tomorrow he may get another CT Scan. They are looking for a lumbar leak of spinal fluid.   Fingers crossed for good news.

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Mason Rushed to Hospital

As you may know, Mason was rushed to the hospital at 4am this morning. His breathing was very poor and he was screaming for oxygen. With a fever of 102 and pneumonia 44, he was sent to the ICU. On the way there, Mason had a seizure and Elaine couldn’t get him to respond.

After three more seizures, he was put on anti-siezure medication. The doctors ran a CT and spinal tab. He is also on a bypap machine with 100% oxygen. He is finally resting and as comfortable as one can hope for considering. He is being carefully monitored.

Mason never seized before and the whole ordeal is very frightening. The doctors and family are very concerned and shocked at how quickly Mason got so sick.

We appreciate all of the support we have gotten and ask for continued prayers for Mason and the family during this time. He goes through so much, its just not fair.

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Appendicitis and Pneumonia in BOTH lungs….

The doctor’s came in last night and Mason has pneumonia in both lungs – very bad in the left lung with fluid in both lungs. He also has APPENDECITIS. Elaine was RIGHT. The doctors should know that a parent knows their kid better than anyone else. (good job Elaine!) They don’t always take it out, but Dave and Elaine agree it’s in the best interest to avoid further problems. Unfortunately Mason is not stable enough for surgery. They are meeting with the surgeons today and will keep watching for updates.

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Mason has been having a rough time recently. He is currently in the hospital for another bout of pneumonia. Sadly, and this is a terrible thing to say, we (the webmasters) have lost count of which bout this is. It’s over 40 at this point and continues to climb. This particular bout is even tougher than normal because there appears to be some severe stomach issues going on. Mason normally does not vomit out of his mouth due to the tube connected to his stomach, but this time has been different, which leads to more unanswered questions. Elaine described him as literally turning gray at one point. He is currently dealing with a fever of 102 degrees and has been placed on oxygen. A very scary situation indeed.

Mason was already in the hospital earlier this month due to an enlarged liver. Although the doctors were unable to determine the exact cause of this, they did find that his enzyme levels were normal. which is a good thing. He was able to go home with prescriptions for medicine and bedrest. On the bright side, Mason was able to spend his 9th birthday in the comfort of his own home!

The Roberts family also dealt with a difficult loss in August, as a member of Dave’s family passed away. This was Mason’s grandfather figure. When Mason wanted to say goodbye, Elaine explained that Mason’s buddy was on life support and had quite a bit of equipment hooked up to him. She questioned whether Mason would want to see him like that. Mason simply said that it’s nothing that he hasn’t dealt with himself in the past. He’s a tough little guy and has a big heart.

We’re going to try to keep updating the blog more often, but you can always find us on Facebook and Twitter as well. In the meantime, check out our How to Help page and find out what you can do to support the Roberts family. No matter whether it’s money, time, or a letter to Ellen, anything you contribute is a step forward.

Keep praying for Mason to come home. God Bless.

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Twitter Feed

We’ve been having a hard time keeping the blog updated. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for current updates or view the twitter feed here.

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An unfortunate update…

Mason and his family have been hit with a huge setback recently. Mason requires daily injections of growth hormones in order to help him grow like a normal boy should. Without it, the mysterious nature of his condition limits his growth tremendously. The Roberts family’s insurance company will no longer be covering the expenses of this growth hormone. Mason is already smaller than he should be, and without the hormone, it’s possible that he will stop growing entirely. You can imagine how difficult this is for the family to imagine, as Mason needs to be big and strong in order to fight the sickness he lives with daily. His parents are devastated and need your help.

Please consider helping the family out. You can read about all the ways to help out here. Any little bit helps, so even foregoing your morning latte and donating $5 will be appreciated. Also, take a little bit of your time and help us spread the word about Mason. Email the site to your friends and put a link on Facebook. It will only take a minute, but that minute could be all it takes to help make a difference. Thanks for your time and please keep Mason in your thoughts and prayers.

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Mason dances to Michael Jackson!

Check out this video from a few years ago of Mason dancing to his favorite musician of all time, Michael Jackson. Wouldn’t you like to see him do this on The Ellen Show? You can help make that a reality!

Visit Ellen’s site here and tell her you want to see Mason on her show!

The Roberts family continues to struggle, despite their best efforts. Visit our “How To Help” page to find out how you can make a difference. Every little bit counts! And now, enjoy the sweet moves of Mason Roberts!


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Mason Just Wants to Dance!

Check out this video we found from last year! Mason’s plea to get on Ellen Degeneres!

You can help us make this happen. Ellen has a form on her website asking “Can Ellen Help You Fulfill a dream?” Help us fulfill Mason’s dream and submit his story for them to review today!

Don’t forget to share Mason’s story with your friends and family!

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