Mason Rushed to Hospital

As you may know, Mason was rushed to the hospital at 4am this morning. His breathing was very poor and he was screaming for oxygen. With a fever of 102 and pneumonia 44, he was sent to the ICU. On the way there, Mason had a seizure and Elaine couldn’t get him to respond.

After three more seizures, he was put on anti-siezure medication. The doctors ran a CT and spinal tab. He is also on a bypap machine with 100% oxygen. He is finally resting and as comfortable as one can hope for considering. He is being carefully monitored.

Mason never seized before and the whole ordeal is very frightening. The doctors and family are very concerned and shocked at how quickly Mason got so sick.

We appreciate all of the support we have gotten and ask for continued prayers for Mason and the family during this time. He goes through so much, its just not fair.

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