How to Help

The Robert’s family has done their best to stay on top of their bills. Unfortunately, with Mason’s numerous hospital visits and need for around the clock care, the debt has been piling up faster then Dave can work. Add in the unexpected auto repair or home maintenance and the Robert’s have been in debt well over $100,000 for as long as they can remember.

Dave already works six days a week, sometimes for 18 hours. The day he is off he dedicates to the family. Elaine, while she would love to work, needs to be available for Mason’s multiple treatments each day. Here is how you can help:

Spread the Word
Find Someone Who Knows Ellen
Other Ways to Help


Please make checks payable to “Mason Roberts” with his account number, 1010275676876,  in the memo area and send to:

Wells Fargo
8210 Gateway Overlook Drive
Elkridge Md. 21075

Spread the Word

If a person donates $10 and gets ten others to donate $10, that’s $110. Get those ten to find another ten people and we’re up to $1,110. You can see where this is going. Eventually, we’d be able to collect enough to help the Robert’s family pay off their debt and possibly even improve the living situation for their family. So send an email, tag a friend on Facebook, or even spread the word at your office. Every little bit helps!

Find Someone Who Knows Ellen!

Spending a lot of time in a hospital, means lots of daytime TV. With hours to kill, Mason started to tune into The Ellen Show. Not only was Ellen able to provide a good laugh, Mason would get up and dance along with her whenever possible. He would love nothing more then to get on stage and dance with Ellen in person. If you have a connection at The Ellen Show, or happen to be a social media buff, help connect us to her staff.

Other ways to help:

  • Dave is a great handyman. If you know of any side-jobs you could pay him to do, email
  • Mason still sleeps at the foot of his parent’s bed! If you know someone with a 3+ bedroom property in the Howard County, MD area who would be looking for a rent-to-own arrangement with a tenant, let us know.
  • Eating out provides a sense of normalcy for the Robert’s, gift cards to local restaurants or chains are always welcome.

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