Good News for Mason!

PFT Update

Mason had a very good appointment yesterday. His lungs were good and his PFT’s (pulmonary function tests) were the best they have been in a while. This is good since he just had pneumonia 3 weeks ago.

School Update

Mason asked to go to school full time, but since he has not been consistantly well she agreed to only let him go full days on Fridays for now. If he can stay well for five weeks, until our next appointment, she will consider more full days. Mason has never gone to school for a full day! His excercise induced asthma has however gotten worse. He gets very tired and winded when he starts to run and play. He will need to use the nebulizer before he goes out to play and may have to go on a longer inhaler treatment if he goes back to school full time, so it will last.

We want Spring!

He seems very happy to be back among his friends which is what I was hoping for. We need spring to come so this boy can get out and play!

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