Struggles and Signs of Hope

Mason continues to endure more than many of us could ever imagine. He had to spend his halloween in the hospital and miss out on trick-or-treating.

Mason as Harry Potter on Halloween. Trying his best to participate in the Hospital’s activities.

His lungs were once again slightly collapsed and he developed a cold. To ease back pain, he needed a walker and will go through physical therapy after he leaves the hospital.

He endured a caffeine treatment equal to 10 cups of coffee. He suffered four nosebleeds in one day. He watches friends and family come and go from the hospital – while he has to stay and endure painful treatments and unanswered prayers. It’s been almost four weeks in the hospital out of the past month and a half.

Schools is out of the question till Spring. The risk of infection is too high. His tutor, Jamie, will take over full-time.

His surgery was postponed again, as he is too unstable to enter the operating room.

Signs of Hope

But through it all, he is more positive than any of us could imagine. And now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Mason’s lungs are improving. He might be able to leave the hospital on Wednesday.

He was also chosen to represent the Starlight Foundation. His video will be featured at their Gala in D.C.

What now?

The family is emotionally and physically drained. Everything gets pushed aside when Mason is in the hospital. Life is on hold and prayers for answers continue unanswered.

Mason and his family need your help. Whatever you can manage will help- calls of encouragement, a warm meal, monetary donations, and most of all prayers.

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