An unfortunate update…

Mason and his family have been hit with a huge setback recently. Mason requires daily injections of growth hormones in order to help him grow like a normal boy should. Without it, the mysterious nature of his condition limits his growth tremendously. The Roberts family’s insurance company will no longer be covering the expenses of this growth hormone. Mason is already smaller than he should be, and without the hormone, it’s possible that he will stop growing entirely. You can imagine how difficult this is for the family to imagine, as Mason needs to be big and strong in order to fight the sickness he lives with daily. His parents are devastated and need your help.

Please consider helping the family out. You can read about all the ways to help out here. Any little bit helps, so even foregoing your morning latte and donating $5 will be appreciated. Also, take a little bit of your time and help us spread the word about Mason. Email the site to your friends and put a link on Facebook. It will only take a minute, but that minute could be all it takes to help make a difference. Thanks for your time and please keep Mason in your thoughts and prayers.

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