In The Begining

Mason Roberts is no ordinary child. The poor guy has already been through Hell and back, and he’s only 9 years old. In fact, it’s a miracle that he is still with us today. Mason was born with pneumonia and meningitis and almost didn’t leave the hospital. He actually died three times, but through the work of some great doctors as well as some divine intervention, was brought back each time.

The problems continued as he grew older. Mason’s had 40+ bouts with pneumonia in his life. That averages out to almost 5 times per year! He has had over 20 ear infections and suffers from three incurable lung diseases. It’s described as being a vicious cycle of one disease causing the other causing the other and then it loops back around.

As a result of this, Mason spends more time in the hospital during a three month period than most people spend during their entire lives. Mason continues to undergo tests on a regular basis and while the Roberts family works closely with a team of doctors to research the condition, there is no cure or even a diagnosis in sight.

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