Hospital Visits and Bad Days

Unfortunately, bad days for Mason are often the norm. The Roberts family has lost track of exactly how many times he has been in the hospital. Between October and December of 2011, Mason had a total of six hospital stays. Typically these visits are a week or more. The general hospital near the family often won’t accept Mason and sends him directly to the children’s hospital nearby. He has spent so much time there that his parents describe him as “growing up in a hospital bed.” Did we mention that much of the staff knows him by name without seeing him?

Life is thrown into chaos when Mason goes to the hospital. His mother Elaine stays with him during the day while his father Dave essentially moves in at night. They have a suitcase packed for Dave at all times in case he needs to “move in.” Since Dave works long hours every day, he goes straight to the hospital to visit with Mason and ends up sleeping there while Elaine stays at home with their daughter Madison. The next day, they get up and repeat the process until Mason is released.

Hospital visits are never cheap. This is a fact that the Roberts family has become painfully familiar with. They consistently have over $100,000 in hospital debts, a figure that never seems to decrease since the visits are so frequent. It feels like one more hospital stay could push the limits of the Robert’s family financial situation.

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