Hopes for the Future

Mason has been through more sickness and suffering in his short life than most people see in an entire lifetime. This doesn’t get him down for the future, though. Mason has big plans and dreams for the years to come. He is very gung-ho about the world and hopes to one day see everything that our planet has to offer. He would like to be able to hike the Appalachian Trail one day. It’s only a little over 2,000 miles long, so it should be a piece of cake for a boy with the drive of Mason. He also wants to be a soldier so that he may serve our country.

Mason hopes to one day buy his Dad a Chevy Silverado (dream truck) and to get a new house for his parents. The house they currently live in is too small and jam-packed with medical supplies.Mason has no room of his own or even a private space. He sleeps in a bed that is too small for him at the end of his parents’ bed. You can help Mason achieve his dreams by looking at our page on How to Help.

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