Favorite Things

Despite all his illnesses, Mason still likes to be a kid and tries to maintain a positive outlook on life. He loves music, dancing, and is a big Michael Jackson fan. If he hears the song “Man in the Mirror,” he just can’t help but to bust a move. His parents believe that he has a future in being a street performer. Mason likes to play the guitar and the drums, is an avid fan of helicopters. When it comes to sports, Karate is the only doctor-approved activity.

Mason is also an avid video game player and often challenges the hospital staff in competitions. He always seems to win because he’s just that good!

Above everything else, Mason is a big fan of The Ellen Show. He says she is an inspiration to him because she is funny, likes to dance, and makes fun of the Twilight series. Mason would love for nothing more than to be on her show and dance with her on stage. So help us spread the word and let’s get Mason on Ellen!

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