Mason reading the Bible during his daily breathing treatments.

Mason is very limited by the weather due to severe asthma. He also has immune issues and as a result, he is unable to attend school for the majority of the year. This means that his mom, not only has to be his care-taker, but also his tutor. On an average day, Mason wakes up and immediately has to receive a breathing treatment. These treatments involve being hooked up to a vest which shakes him rapidly for 20 minutes to ensure that mucus doesn’t build up in his lungs. He does this at least three times a day.

After breakfast, Mason receives tutoring from the county three days a week for about two hours. Since his condition leaves him with limited stamina, he is usually pretty worn out afterwards and needs a three-hour nap. After his nap comes another treatment before getting dinner.

Eating is also made complicated due to the fact that he is unable to burp or vomit out of his mouth. He is required to carry around a tube that hooks up to his stomach should he need to do either of these functions. This means that for someone to watch him, they have to understand how to perform these tasks.

On the average day there is usually time to play – he is a kid after-all. But he is also limited in what he can do. If he leaves the house, he typically has to wear a surgical mask to prevent getting sick. If the humidity is too high or low, it could also cause him to get sick. A rainy day basically means he can’t leave the house.

With all the medical bills, the Robert’s haven’t been able to move out of their two-bedroom house. This means that Mason shares a room with his parents and his bed at the foot of theirs. He very rarely can get anytime to himself and has nowhere to invite friends over to play. Luckily, they have a family friend with a large garage where Mason can ride his bike protected from the elements.

Before bed, Mason gets another treatment and is set up with a feeding tube. It’s the only way to ensure he can get the nutrients he needs to grow.  Any parent knows how often a growing child needs new shoes or clothes and is typically burdened by this. However, for the Robert’s getting Mason new shoes is worth celebrating. He’s gone as long as three years without needing a bigger pair of shows. Unfortunately, his insurance is now arguing that the growth hormones are no longer medically necessary.

Now, this is what Mason’s day looks like if he is having an exceptional day. If he is having a bad day, things are much worse and typically end up with a hospital visit.

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