CruiseOne Picked Mason!

CruiseOne picked Mason for their donation program! If anyone books a vacation through CruiseOne between now and March 31, 2013 Mason gets a donation. If you’re looking to book a vacation for the summer, choose CruiseOne! We are so grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to see what the future holds.  If you want to help Mason, it’s as easy as booking a cruise!

Want to learn more about booking a cruise? Check out there website:

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CruiseOne donations for Mason

CruiseOne picked Mason for their donation program.

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8 Days into the New Year

Only eight days into the new year, Mason found himself in the pediatrician office. The family has been up three nights in a row dealing with a fever and his ear and chest pain. They got antibiotics, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. He sounds tighter and it’s getting harder to breathe. If he is not better by Friday, they’ll be back in the doctor’s office.

We’re also worried about an old pic line. The skin is warm to the touch and red. Elaine is contacting the immunology doctor today.

Thank you for your continued prayers. Despite being tired, the family remains positive and hopeful for a miracle. Elaine advises everyone to double-up on hand sanitizer to avoid all the flu going around.

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A Big Thanks to Blue Scarab Tattoos!

Blue Scarab Tattoos in Waldorf, MD put on a tattoo raffle which raised $1200 for Mason’s medical fund! Keith Porter donated his work and we can’t thank him enough! They encouraged everyone to visit our website and support Mason in any way they could. They helped us spread the word and we are so thankful for our friends at Blue Scarab Tattoos.

Check out the Blue Scarab Tattoos website!

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Good News for Mason!

PFT Update

Mason had a very good appointment yesterday. His lungs were good and his PFT’s (pulmonary function tests) were the best they have been in a while. This is good since he just had pneumonia 3 weeks ago.

School Update

Mason asked to go to school full time, but since he has not been consistantly well she agreed to only let him go full days on Fridays for now. If he can stay well for five weeks, until our next appointment, she will consider more full days. Mason has never gone to school for a full day! His excercise induced asthma has however gotten worse. He gets very tired and winded when he starts to run and play. He will need to use the nebulizer before he goes out to play and may have to go on a longer inhaler treatment if he goes back to school full time, so it will last.

We want Spring!

He seems very happy to be back among his friends which is what I was hoping for. We need spring to come so this boy can get out and play!

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Slowly Progressing, Huge News


Mason’s follow up with a neurologist for the seizures and lumber puncture was today. He is improving everyday and thinks he might be walker free by the new year! So far he can go short distances, just not for long periods of time. Mason’s muscles get stronger everyday.

Even better, Mason’s complex seizures were caused by sickness and shouldn’t happen again.

Fever & Bladder

Mason was running a fever of 103 earlier today. It appears he has a virus, but his lungs are looking good so far. They are following up on the bladder issues tomorrow.

FANTASTIC NEWS: Santa Came Early

The growth hormone assistance program accepted Mason! His treatments are covered 100% through June. Mason’s growth is been a huge concern and this certainly lowers that stress. This is particularly a huge relief for the family since these cost nearly $10,000 per month.

Thank You

Elaine would like to remind everyone how appreciative the family is for all your prayers and messages. She doesn’t know where she would be without your support and comfort. You all mean a lot to her and the family.

In light of the events of the past week, Elaine is particularly thankful to have Mason in her life. She feels blessed to have a sick child and knows Mason is special.

God Bless You All

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and HEALTHY New Year.

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Mason is improving with his new medication. His bladder is working almost normally and walking is getting much better. He can go short distances without the walker. His legs get tired and painful when on them for a few minutes but definite progress.

Our goal is no hospital for the rest of the year!!! Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for the support, we appreciate more than you will ever know.

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Mason had a troublesome setback and spent yesterday between two different hospitals. Wednesday night he lost control of his bladder with a great deal of pain. There doesn’t appear to be a clear answer, but doctors suspect its related to the lumbar puncture and a possible injured nerve.

On the X-rays, doctors found that Mason’s bowels were totally full. The pressure can cause incontinence. There still could be nerve damage, but some uncomfortable procedures brought back the sensation to urinate.

Good News

Dave brought Mason home from the hospital at 3am. Mason will hopefully get an MRI today, which should provide a clearly picture of the situation. Elaine will be doing some other treatments at home which should help Mason regain some control.

Please pray today goes well and that the Robert’s family gets some answers.

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And that makes 45…

Mason went to Children’s hospital with his 45th pneumonia. He is still having pain associated with the lumbar puncture and showing clear signs of reflux which may have caused an aspiration pneumonia. We aren’t sure yet. Praying for a short stay this time…

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Post-Hospital Update

Mason is still struggling to get around. He’s been crawling a lot. Luckily, he started therapy and the therapist believes he will be OK. This is a huge relief! The downside is that it might take up-to eight weeks for him to be back to normal. He’ll be going three times a week. In the meantime, Mason is paying extra close attention to cracks in the sidewalk.   He’s already fallen a few times.

BIG NEWS:  We officially won the battle, Mason has his portable nebulizer!

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It took two weeks, but Mason and Dave are coming home!!!!

Elaine is really looking forward to the family being together tonight. Plus she doesn’t need to drive to the hospital tomorrow! Even better – the family WON the battle to get Mason a portable nebulizer. After a month of fighting, it should arrive this week.

Thank you for all the prayers and messages. The family wouldn’t know what to do without your support.

Hopefully life can return to “normal” now and have some quality family time. Elaine is hoping for palm trees.

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